Stage 3 - Note-Making


In this stage, students collaborate to form notes from the information that has been highlighted in the text. Students take turns to write the notes on the board in point form.

This provides opportunities for a successful cooperative activity between students who now understand the information that they are reading and writing. Students are also able to practise skills such as spelling, writing and pronouncing words, while engaging in further discussion about the meaning of the text.

In this video, students take turns to write point-form notes from each sentence. The teacher guides students to read the highlighted words aloud; then students dictate the notes to be written on the board.

As the notes are being written, the teacher takes the opportunity to reinforce and extend their meaning, deepening the students’ understanding.

Once the notes have been written, the teacher leads the class to identify how the information is organised and to 'chunk' appropriate information together. Paragraphs or topics are labelled.