How to use Reading to Learn Teacher Books

The Reading to Learn Teacher Resources can be accessed in two ways. To get the maximum benefit you can order the whole set of nine books, which will be sent to you as a complete package. If you are particularly interested in specific parts of the Reading to Learn pedagogy, you can order one or more books separately.

It is essential that you first read Book 1: Preparing for Reading and Writing. This book explains the Reading to Learn method, with a series of activities for you to get started, and guidance for planning lessons and implementing in your classrooms.

Books 2 to 9 give information and activities for specific topics, that you may be particularly interested in.

  • Book 2 shows how to select and analyse different types of text, for planning lessons across the curriculum at each school level.
  • Book 3 shows how to assess your students’ writing growth at each school grade, using different text types.
  • Book 4 describes the powerful techniques of Detailed Reading and Rewriting, for accelerating all students’ literacy across the curriculum.
  • Book 5 describes the intensive literacy strategies of Sentence Making, Spelling and Sentence Writing, that integrate reading and writing with spelling, phonics and handwriting.
  • Book 6 explains how to use these strategies to teach beginning literacy in the Early Years of school.
  • Book 7 is a unique introduction to grammar for teaching literacy, with a series of activities to practise ‘grammar without tears’.
  • Book 8 introduces patterns of meanings in whole texts, such as information structures in essays, conjunctions, reference, and evaluative language in different text types.
  • Book 9 describes powerful techniques for improving maths outcomes, by focusing on the language of maths.