Book Four: Detailed Reading and Rewriting

Book Four: Detailed Reading and Rewriting

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This book shows how to use the powerful strategies of Detailed Reading and Rewriting. To use this book, you will need to watch the videoed lessons. 

Detailed Reading and Rewriting are the turbo-charged engines of the Reading to Learn program. They enable all students to:

  • Read challenging texts with full comprehension (including struggling readers and students with English as a second language).
  • Read the content of a text with detailed understanding, and recognise the
    language choices that the author has made in writing it.
  • Use the content of factual texts to write new texts of their own.
  • Use the language resources of accomplished authors in their own writing.

They enable teachers to:

  • Meet the language and content goals of their curriculum programs.
  • Manage their classes so that all students get equal benefit from studying texts at the same high level.

While the focus of Preparing for Reading and Joint Construction are on the global structures of texts - genres, their stages and phases - the focus of Detailed Reading
and Rewriting is on patterns of language within and between sentences of a short passage.